“In 2019, our executive board attended the Jocko’s team course in Denver, Colorado. We did not know what to expect. We hoped to learn leadership principles that we could implement to help relationships within our business, improve our culture and people sustainability. Some of our team was apprehensive about what they would learn. In the end, we were pleasantly surprised with the experience and lessons learned during the advnced training. The event exceeded our expectations and we are confident that the lessons learned during this conference will definitely help our staff and in-turn our long-term strategic objectives.”

Name: Shannon Wong, MD

Title: Founder and CEO

Industry: World Eye Medicine and Surgery Specialist

City: Texas, USA

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Website: https://www.austineye.com/

“Jocko and Leif also held long question and answer sessions, where we were able to dive deeper into topics with real world examples.  This is where most leadership classes fail, as they are often theoretical in nature.  These guys are literally battle-tested and that real world experience is awesome, when comes to actual examples.  They never dodged or failed to have an effective answer to a challenge someone was facing.  That is quite rare.”

Name: Greg Mansfield

Title: President

Industry: Properties Management and Consulting

City: Minnesota, USA

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Website: https://www.citywideofminnesota.com

“The apreciation is mutual in this training.”

Name: Carlos Gonzalez

Industry: Construction

City: California, USA

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Website: https://www.clarkconstruction.com/

“I found their training more applicable and enlightening than any leadership training I’ve ever attended.”

Name: Joy Milkowsky

Title: Chief Marketing Officer

Company: Data File Technologies


“It was great to see how well Jocko and the team at Echelon Front could execute their message to the audience and keep everyone engaged at all times”

Name: Joe Vince

Title: Media Senior Partner

Industry: Marketing Digital

City: Sidney, Australia

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Website: https://www.momentummedia.com.au/

“After sending 15 of my leaders to their course, EVERY area of our business has improved, from top line growth down to the overall cleanliness of our bathrooms”.

Chris Cavallini, CEO | Nutrition Solutions

 “In my 20-year career, this was the best, most organized and overall effective leadership course I have ever attended”

Harvey Berman, Director of Strategic Business Development | KONTRON

 “One of the best leadership experiences, training and tools out there today. It transcends every industry and every job position or title. It takes away every excuse that people try to use for why they are not executing. My team has come back and immediately started making significant impacts with their people and how they lead!”

John Laskowsky, CEO | C&M Corporation


“Their course is without question the #1 leadership gathering available in the marketplace. Sending our people (20+) to the Muster has had an exponential impact on our business in terms of team morale, our ability to scale, and employee performance. The leadership principles discussed directly correlate to leadership situations encountered in the business world everyday, and the Muster will arm your staff with the tools they need to lead and win!”

Zach Young, COO | Kast Constrution

 “Muster is transformational. I was challenged as a leader to be better at work and home. It can benefit any leader, at any level, from any organization.”

Chris Perez, Officer | Chandler Police Department

“The Dichotomy of leadership needs to come with a warning label: brutaly honest. Finaly, a book that tells the truth on how hard and complex it can be to take leadership challenges”

Lindi Horton, Director of Cloud Services | Cyber Security Company

“For leades left hungry with his first book, Dichotomy of leadership delivers a steak of new info from Jocko and Leif”

Jordan Green, Founder | J&L Green Farm

“If you lead teams, want to be highly competitive, and want to win, their book is a MUST-READ”

Wes Hummel, Vice-President | Paypal Engineering

“Jocko and Leif use their stories and experiences to simplify a message we all neet to hear to become better leaders”

Jason Jones, CFO | M&S Engineering LLC

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SEPTEMBER 10-11, 2021